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Avoiding Audits as Best as You Can

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Many people look at the word “audit” and get worried. The fact of the matter is, even the richest celebrities (which you can find on websites like may have to deal with some sort of audit during their career, if not multiple times.

An audit is when the IRS decides to re-evaluate someone’s tax return because of the possibility of an error. The IRS says that people are chosen to be audited at random by a computer program. This computer program chooses returns based on the likelihood that that return has some sort of error on it. How do you avoid this?

First off, don’t be too concerned. Less than 2 percent of taxpayers get audited yearly. Most people (it’s estimated about half) who do get audited make more than $100,000 a year. So, if you make less than that, your chances of getting picked are greatly decreased. Make less than $50k a year? Your chances are even less (Oddly enough, the chances increase slightly when you make less than $25k, but the amount is insignificant).

So, how do you avoid getting picked? There is no sure-fire way to totally avoid an audit. But, here are some things that you can do to make your chances even less than they already may be.

1.    Watch those deductions. Not saying you shouldn’t take what you are entitled to; on the contrary. There are tons of deductions out there if you do your homework and figure out what you are eligible for. But, if you have a lot of them, your chances increase slightly for there to be an audit.

2.    Don’t forget your investments and other potential taxable income. If your numbers differ from the ones your bank or investments provide, it could raise a red flag to the computer system. Also, make sure you file each investment separately instead of making it one lump sum.

3.    Alimony. If you are receiving or paying alimony, the computer now matches your former spouses’ claim with yours. If they do not match, this could make you eligible for an audit.

4.    Check your work! Your math teacher wasn’t being annoying when they told you to do this. It really is important. Check your math; basic math mistakes won’t raise a huge red flag, but not having them just makes it less of a possibility.

5.    Company Car Costs. Do you use your personal vehicle for transportation for business and count them as a deduction? Make sure to log EVERYTHING, the mileage, the gas and receipts, the upkeep costs. Whatever you try to claim as business expenses, especially with a personal vehicle instead of a company one, it could possibly alert the computer system to get your claim checked out.

6.    Paid in cash? If you are self-employed, a small business owner, someone who works in a family business, or whatever else, you have a high potential of being audited. Why? Because those groups of people account for what is possibly over $300 million dollars in unpaid taxes in the past.


Why Do You Want the Best Portable Ice Maker?

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Finding answers related to efficiency in the realm of ice makers and the like can be quite an experience when you start to look at the big picture of it all. How can you make sure that you’re actually going to find what you need in the best portable ice maker that you can find when you click here or on other websites? What sorts of traits should your ice maker have and why should you consider spending any money in order to make it a reality as time goes on?

When you start to discover just what may be going on with the ice makers that you’re looking at, you’re going to find that there are a lot of ways that you can go ahead and get what you want in relation to the big picture of all that is available and out there. Not only are you going to see that there are a lot of ways to deal with what is going on, but you will also discover that it can work out quite well when you finally figure out whatever it is that you may want to do with that process.

As you start to look at portable ice makers that are on the market, you may be a little worried about how much you will spend and if you actually want to throw that sort of money into the process. It can be a little harder to work that out and, as you start to look at what options that are available, you may be worried about just how the whole thing is going to work out in your favor. It’s not always easy to sort that out, but you can usually find a lot of options that make sense for all of the things that you may be looking to achieve.

Finding answers related to this can be a very helpful situation, as long as you know what you’re doing and how much you may want to spend to make the whole thing into a reality. While it may be hard to really see what is going on with your budget and your efforts, you’re going to find that there are a lot of these to choose from that are going to make it much easier for you to get just what you want in the long run as well.

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Shop around and start to take a look at whatever it is that you may be looking to find. As you discover the ways to make it happen, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable and confident about how you get it all done and how much you will have to spend to make it a reality. Check out just how you want to purchase this and then get the ice maker that really works out the best for your budget and the time you put into finding that particular piece of technology as well.


A Look at the Top 7 – Best PS4 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives of 2017

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Your PS4 has a hard drive inside of it that stores all the information from your games. Without the hard drive, the game system won’t provide you with very much fun. Of course, there are several hard drive sizes that come inside the PS4. If you purchased a model with a smaller hard drive and have now learned that it just wasn’t enough space, you can solve that problem without buying a whole new system. Internal and external hard drives are available to add the space that you need.

Anyone who is serious about their gaming experience wants an extra hard drive in their system. The internal drives are simple to install, even without technical experience, and the external drives are simple to plug in and go. Which of the two hard drive models do you prefer? You won’t know until you’ve compared the options.

What Hard Drive Should You Buy?

Choosing the bet hard drive for your PS4 is not difficult, but you should spend a bit of time researching the options since they are all created a little bit differently and have something new and exciting to offer. Look at the brand and the size of the hard drive, and of course the cost of the model, too. Equally important is the reputation of the hard drive. If many users are disappointed with the results, do you think that it is going to make you happy?

The Top 7 – Best PS4 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives of 2017

You can learn The Top 7 – Best PS4 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives of 2017 and eliminate worries of finding the perfect hard drive. This list provides a look at the tried and true hard drive models that won’t let you down but will instead help you get what you want out of your system and a whole lot more, too.

The products that you see listed here might surprise you. some people assume that because they see a lot of advertising from a specific model or brand that it is the best. But, that is far from the case. In fact, most of the best brands do not advertise much at all because they area already a name that people look for. You can be one of those people and make the best purchases from this point forward.

The Information that you Want

These hard drives are tested by both gamers and experts so you gain peace of mind from the information that you read. You can learn more about each of the seven recommended models on the site, and then go from there to make the purchase decision. It is so much easier to choose a hard drive when you have a great list like this available to you. There are hundreds of different hard drives out there, and for the average person, the choices can get confusing. These lists put that all to an end so that you can make an awesome hard drive purchase with ease and without worry.