PewDiePie And How He Rose To The Top

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Aspiring YouTubers can learn a lot from Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie, as he is better known. Felix started as a YouTuber making gaming videos long before gaming videos were a thing on YouTube at all and that’s partly why he is so successful. In today’s competitive gaming video world, you need to buy YouTube views to even start getting views. Back when Felix started, this wasn’t the case. The first lesson that Felix therefore has for aspiring YouTubers is to find their niche. It’s going to be difficult to find a niche on YouTube that hasn’t already been done before, but try to stick to the niches that haven’t been done to death at the very least. For example, gaming channels are simply too over saturated on the website now for any of them to reach the level of success that Felix has.

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Another thing that makes Felix different from most other YouTubers is that he uploads every single day. This is a task that isn’t easily done as there’s a lot more to making a good YouTube video than simply filming it. Watching a PewDiePie video will help you understand more of what is involved in the process. Felix edits his videos like a pro for perfect comedic timing. His videos are also never too long or too short, as he understands how to edit out any unnecessary filler to prevent his viewers from getting bored. This is essential when you start buying YouTube views to get real views.

PewDiePie rose to fame by doing his gaming videos, but recently he has started to do more and more videos that are completely unrelated to gaming. When asked about this Felix said that he did not want to play games he did not enjoy and he felt there wasn’t enough good games coming out to make daily videos about them. He still wanted to make videos for his fans however, and that’s why he branched out into doing comedic sketches as well as commentary videos. This is a very smart move on his side. He still uploads enough gaming content to keep his old fans happy, but with his new comedic videos similar to the comedy found in Filthy Frank and other similar channels; he is drawing in a whole new audience that will add to his overall views. People may think that Felix is rich from doing nothing but playing games all day, but he has shown himself to be very business savvy with decisions like this.

Unfortunately his reputation took a knock recently with the Wall Street Journal publishing misleading articles about his comedic work, defaming him. Even through this controversy however, he managed to stay on top and he continues to make his daily videos, with the WSJ often being the butt of his jokes. The lesson that Felix gives to aspiring YouTubers with this is that they should roll with the punches and turn the negative things into jokes that your audience can laugh at with you.