What are your bookmark thoughts on this flowery journal?

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This is a short online introspection on the importance of keeping good, neat journal notes. It invites you to share your own bookmark thoughts on the make and look of your journal. Male or female, the feeling is to add a bit more color to your thoughts and steer away from the austere texture of well-bound or leather bound journals. It is understood if you do not wish to share your thoughts at this point in time. Perhaps you are preserving them for your new journal notebook. Do not mind us for now. We are in love with this flowery journal.

This journal book has a different flowery pattern for every month of the year. The cover of the book is flower-patterned as well. It is well prepared with a thick and sturdy material. Journal thoughts differ from person to person. Most female writers will be into journal books that are patterned with flowers. The men tend to go for flat but well-toned, usually dark textures. Gardening hobbyists will always be inspired by journals that have visual, floral patterning as its sub-theme. Writers in general will be carrying with them a variety of books carrying on different subjects.

The book we found has nearly two hundred pages. That is more than enough space to pen all your thoughts throughout the year. If not, well then, purchase another book. Before noting your first thought on the first day of the new year, ideally during the closing days of the previous year, utilize the two available pages for your yearly plan. You also have space for short, surreptitious thoughts by way of your annual checklist. In total, there are nearly thirty available pages for more detailed, extensive outlines on how you project your month will be, or how it was.

The same goes for each and every week of the year. You have additional pages for the preceding years’ closing stanzas. And then there is a special section just for your notes, to use as you will. Before you even begin your note taking, just make sure that you have filled out your personal information. As we said earlier, folks write for different purposes. They have different processes or methods as well. Traditionally, journaling is done in the quietude of the home study. But these days, folks are carrying their books about with them.

This is necessary sometimes, because sometimes a profound thought can come to mind and you would not want to lose a moment in penning it lest you forget. And sometimes in the rush of the day, most days seem to be busy; you can easily forget your treasured journal somewhere. So, with your personal details recorded in the beginning of the book, a decent man or woman is able to give you a call or text you to arrange for the return of your daily thoughts. Of course, you will not be storing your banking details in this treasure trove.